Becoming more than a restaurant means offering more than food.

︎︎︎ Client
✒︎ Pincho

︎︎︎ Agency
✒︎ Nativo

︎︎︎ Credits
✒︎ Juan Munoz, Jaime Dussan, Greg Gayle, Christian Cipriani

Born in Miami in 2010, Pincho serves award-winning burgers, bowls and kebabs inspired by south american street food. As the brand continues to grow we helped rebrand as their business goals are to open in new markets. The wordmark and icon were developed to highlight the brands cultural duality and food that breaks the norms of traditonal fast-casual restuarants. The dividing line represents the skewer that holds it all together. We developed a fluid identity system that translates through all touchpoints of the brand in a bold and impactful way.